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  • Knock Knock..

    It has been close to a year since I wrote anything…let alone opened this site..my site yes…This feels new and brings back so many memories. A lot has happened within the year. Namely motherhood. Allow me to digress and go slightly off the main theme of my blog today. Hubby and I were blessed with […]

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  • Sticking to your colors

    Two¬†weekends ago I took a relative to a decor meeting and she was at lengths trying to explain her color scheme to the gentleman. Her colors are Obsidian Black, Ochre yellow and White. And the guy was bewildered. He was explaining to her that for as long as he could remember and as long as […]

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  • The things that matter the most


    It is said that when you are planning a wedding, there are some certain elements of the wedding that you must never compromise on. They are video, photography, the rings and the honeymoon. On the day after our wedding, shortly after we had arrived at our honeymoon destination,I recall trying so hard to remember the […]