I got married. October 24th 2015 to the most amazing man I ever met. It’s truly such a love story however I will save that for another post. Anyway he gave me what I had dreamed of, lost sleep over, wished and prayed over for a good part of my life- a wedding (OK, slightly exaggerated but still somewhat true 🙂 )

And so I got to planning. You see, I am quite the planner. I came to find this out during this period of my life. People always ask each other, what is your gift or your talent? I will give credit to one of my friends who pointed it out to me some time back-She said, I think your gift is planning. At that time, I didn’t really know or couldn’t quite comprehend how planning could be a gift and if so, what I was to do with it however looking back I believe that that statement planted a seed in my heart. Well over time it slowly showed or rather I became more aware of it but this became very true for me during the period of planning my wedding.
They say I did a good job and I believe them because well I spent a lot of time trying to ensure that everything fell into place as it should. And so now I want to use those skills and my gift a lot more. You know despite everything that what went on behind the scenes and up to leading to the actual wedding, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and yes, I would do it again(with my husband of course 🙂 )
And that’s what this blog is about. It’s about sharing my journey, my lessons, my experiences, my thoughts with others and helping them in the process. It’s about a journey into what I feel is my path.
So my name is Laura and I am an aspiring planner. Welcome to my journey.

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  1. Mwis says: Reply

    Laura, love the article already, I am excited for the traction you await. Kudos

    1. Laura says: Reply

      Mwis, thank you for the feedback and the excitement! Be sure to subscribe so that you do not miss on any of the posts.
      Great day.

  2. Jsheke says: Reply

    And so it begins

    1. Laura says: Reply

      And so it does..Thanks Jsheke!!

  3. Joan says: Reply

    Love love love it…I will pen down some tips.. 😉 lol..on to the next one

    1. Laura says: Reply

      Thanks Joan for the support! Glad you love it much.And on to the next and the next one..
      Be sure to subscribe so that you get the posts as they come! and share with a friend or two or three…:)

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