To make or not to make?…The Wedding Rings


Over the weekend hubby and I were invited by our very good friends/family for lunch. They are also newlyweds and according to them they were ready for some couple company. So we gladly accepted and went off to spend the afternoon with them. So after settling in and chatting for a while I happened to notice that they didn’t have their wedding bands on. They have been married for slightly over a month. Of course I was curious to know why and so I inquired. I must admit, their response made me smile. They told me that they didn’t want the rings to get spoiled as they go about their house chores. And I can relate because after all the headache we go through getting the perfect rings it definitely makes sense that you wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.

So this prompts my post today… Rings. This was not an easy experience for us. Because my husband had gotten my engagement ring custom made, we thought we would do the same for our wedding bands. And so we got to searching. And search we did. We went through what felt like hundreds of different designs in order to find ‘the ones’. Eventually we did find them and then we took them to the jeweler and waited in anticipation to see our custom made rings. Let’s just say the picture we had and the rings we were shown were just not the same. I was crushed. Needless to say we had to shift strategies and go shop by shop looking at wedding rings to get the best one. After that I concluded that this was definitely the best way to go.

So let me highlight some advantages from my experience of buying rings off the shelf as opposed to having rings custom made:

  1. You actually have a visual of the actual ring. No guess work here, the ring comes exactly as is. Which is not the case when you have a picture or a photo and are hoping that the jeweler will get it right.
  2. You save time-No back and forth with the Jeweler to see if the ring is turning out okay or making adjustments or not; and this frees you to focus on other wedding things that require your attention.
  3. You don’t have to worry about guessing what width is best for your finger- this ties back to the visual. You can see touch and feel.

Don’t get me wrong-there are definitely advantages to having your ring custom made-remember my engagement ring is custom made, probably it was a success for my husband because I was not involved in it 🙂 however my point is, for something that you are going to wear for life, you definitely just want to be sure what you see is what you get.

How was your experience ring shopping? Calling on all men 🙂 and women!!! Share your experience, dos and dont’s when it comes to ring shopping? Did you go the custom made way or the off the shelf way? What was either so hard or easy or difficult or fun about shopping for rings and the method you settled for?

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  1. Jabulani says: Reply

    Lovely piece Laura really enjoyed the read. I am all for getting a custom made ring but the process can be so confusing. I took close to 6 months getting my fiancée’s ring designed and made. Each day and each new ring I saw confused me more and more but in the end I got a beautiful ring made.
    A friend of mine made my life a bit easier by telling me to pick a ring that I could picture a wedding band complimenting(I had been looking at really intricate designs) that little piece of info sorted me out.
    As for wedding band, that’s still a work in progress but I am seeing a lot of pre-made rings that I really like. Issue is I have really thin fingers so they all keep slipping off…true story.

    1. Laura says: Reply

      Hi Jabulani.Thank you for sharing your experience and might I add, that is some really good and important piece of advice that you have added there.I had never thought of that and I am not quite certain that many people do think of it honestly.That definitely makes a lot of sense. My engagement ring was also pretty big and looking back that was our major concern. What wedding band would compliment it, because I wanted to wear both at all times.
      With regards to the wedding band,they should be able to resize it to fit your finger so don’t hesitate to settle on one you love even though it may be slightly big. A good jeweler can handle that easy.I had to resize mine as well and it turned out great.
      Do let me know how the story ends 🙂
      All the best!

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