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So my blog for today was inspired by my good friend who is planning her wedding (Shout out to her! We can’t wait for the big day). Anyway she asked me to do a post on wedding registry and I was wondering hmm what about? But I took up the challenge and went searching. You would be surprised how little ‘local’ information there is about the wedding registry in Kenya. Granted though it is definitely a trend that is on the rise locally and can no longer be ignored. Previously of course, couples were more conservative about it and weddings actually happened before ‘’life’’ happened but nowadays more than often ‘’life’’ happens and then the wedding comes along. So how do we go about this wedding registry?

In my case, we did not go with a formal wedding registry. I mean we went back and forth asking opinions and I realized it was more across a generational divide with the older generation generally going for no and the younger ones going for yes.

Let’s be honest for a second here, time is key and people nowadays do not have the time to just sit and start trying to imagine what gift would best suit you or what gift would be appropriate and etc. etc. To give a really good gift requires that you put a lot of thought into it and with everyone’s somewhat crazy schedule, people just do not seem to have that time anymore. So despite not going with a ‘formal’ gift registry for our wedding, I definitely think that moving into the culture of a gift registry is both effective and necessary.

Anyway, so how do we go about this delicate issue of coming up with a gift registry. The answer is simple. Time. As a couple you have to put in time to actually physically walk into shops and identify the items that you like.Unfortunately or fortunately for us(depending on how you look at it 🙂 we still got great gifts!), we thought about this item a little too late into our planning and after I realized the amount of work that had to go into it, I just decided I wasn’t going to do it  (I am all about managing self and stress 🙂 ). Most of the major stores that offer the gift registry will give you a form and require you to walk and identify the serial numbers of the items you would like. They will then compile this and come up with a list which they will make accessible to your guests.

So what is the easiest way of going about it? Here is my take on several ways to go about it:

  1. Come up with a list- Slowly and as early as possible start to identify what you need for your house. Probably you can have your own special list of for example kitchen items and bathroom (hope that does not sound too sexist but some things cannot be ignored) etc. and to have your man more involved you can assign him the electronics and gadgets section. Having this list will help you save time and reduce the time spent for searching when you are ready to go to the stores to identify them.
  2. Make it fun-the guys can go with the guys and the girls can go with the girls to help identify the things that they have on their list. This is a great way to include your friends into your wedding planning process.(Certainly your man is not interested in what type of pans you want in your kitchen… unless of course he is..:) )
  3. For the ladies, mommy knows best-Schedule some mommy time and take her to help you identify some of those kitchen items, bathroom items etc. because they have been doing it for a very long time and they have some invaluable experience when it comes to picking out the best appliances and the best quality of some of these items and they will definitely not forget what is most necessary for the home. Who better to learn from than mummy herself? Plus she will really feel involved in your wedding and offer you some invaluable life-marriage lessons along the way.
  4. Space out the process-The thing about planning aspects of your wedding is that it should not seem like an emergency. If you start early, you can space out the process and do it in stages. E.g. A day for the kitchen, a day for the bathroom, a day for the bedroom etc. That way you give yourself room to actually put in a lot of thought into the items you would like and you get to compare what different stores offer as well.

Another important item with regards to timing is to remember is that this should tie in with when you make your wedding cards because the little notification of where the gift registry will be found will have to be included into the wedding card. And so with regards to timelines, because wedding cards are to be out 6 to 8 weeks before the big day, it would be best to start this process probably three to four months to the wedding. The sooner the better.

P.S We ended up still having a wish list but we only shared this with people who would ask us what we would like as a gift and we had one contact person managing it. This is still another informal way of letting your guests know you have some particular preferences.

How was your process of wedding registry? Did you have one?Drop a comment and let me know.

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Peace and blessings.




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  1. Marion says: Reply

    Thank you Laura! I had no idea it would take that much time. I’ll definitely shift focus to my friends that way they can choose to put their funds together to get my fiancé and I one great gift… and you definitely know which girlfriend I’ll be taking along for kitchenware! Great job Laura

    1. Laura says: Reply

      Glad this could be of help!I like the idea of ‘group gifting’ as well. It is definitely a trend that is on the rise and one that makes a lot of sense as well.
      Kitchenware look out!Here we come..:)

  2. Nelly says: Reply

    Laura, what’s your opinion on ‘enveloped’ gifts?

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