Preparing for a rainy wedding

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Today’s post is a follow-up from my last post Smiling through the rain. Sadly we all know that we cannot control the weather, however, there are certain steps that we can take to ensure that we are as prepared as possible in the event that it does rain on our wedding day. Here are some:

Choose indoor over outdoor

Opting for an indoor wedding is certainly the safest and surest way of preparing for the eventuality of rain on your wedding day.

Discuss Alternatives

If you are having an outdoor wedding, discuss with your tent and decor provider on an alternative plan in the event that it does rain. Our initial plan for the church service was to use canopies but two days to the wedding, it had been raining heavily and so we decided to switch and use tents instead. However, on the morning of the wedding the sun seemed to be coming up therefore I requested them to go back to the original plan of the canopies, which they were able to do. This was only possible because we had this conversation endless times (we were dealing with El-Nino here! 🙂 ) therefore they were prepared for the eventuality of both rain and sunshine. The switch back to canopies was therefore not too challenging for them.

Choose a Setup style that accommodates any weather

For the reception area, choose a setup that can accommodate any weather. One type of setup is the dome effect. Depending on the types of tents you choose, the setup can be done so that the tents give the effect that a dome tent would normally provide (It is a circular type of setup). This means all guests are together in one space and the ground inside that area remains relatively dry so in the event that you would still require to dance those activities would not be affected by the rain.

wedding venue

Carry flat shoes

For the ladies, plan to have an extra pair of flat shoes so that in the event that it rains and the grass is wet, you will not have to endure your heels digging the ground and interfering with your dancing or your movements

Be creative and deliberate with your umbrellas

Be deliberate about the type of umbrellas you will use. Prepare them in advance and choose umbrellas that will match with your color scheme or use clear umbrellas. You can also choose to have matching umbrellas for your bridal party or add some color to it by color blocking them with their outfits.Despite it being the El Nino season, I must admit, looking back, that I did not put any thought into getting umbrellas. Thankfully it did not rain but I can imagine how confused and unprepared we would have been in the event that it did rain. That doesn’t have to be you.Put some thought into it now.

coloured umbrellas        clear umbrellas



Discuss photography options in the event of rain

Have a discussion with your photographer about the options and come up with a Plan B in the event that it does rain during your photo session. The aim of this is to not affect the photo session. So you can discuss on how to maximize the lighting on the day as well as coming up with a game plan on areas to use, be it indoor or outdoor, in the event that it does rain. Identifying these areas with your photographer early in advance will help avoid confusion and frustration on the day.

Have a make-up artist on standby

For the ladies, it would be handy to have your make-up artist on standby for touch ups as well as ensure that the make-up that she/he uses is waterproof. That way you can still get some shots in the rain without having to worry about your make up after. Also never forget the golden rule, ‘’dab don’t rub’’

Grooms, be supportive 🙂

The thought of rain on the wedding day is very stressful for any bride because you can imagine a good majority of them had planned this day in their heads long before you were in the picture and I am certain it did not involve rain. So grooms you have a huge responsibility here. As her support system throughout this process (and might I add for life 🙂 )constantly reassure and remind her that regardless of the weather, it will be a great day.

Smile, Smile, Smile and dance in the rain

Lastly, what we hoped wouldn’t happen has happened!The rain is here! But we are prepared so what more to do than jump in it, dance in it, let loose in it and just enjoy the day. Remember the photographer and video crew will be capturing every moment of you so any hint of despair or frown will be picked and sometimes, your guests notice it too. So smile and dance. After all you, JUST GOT MARRIED!!

dancing in the rain

Do you have any experiences of a rainy wedding that you would like to share? Or is there something you did or are doing to prepare for a rainy wedding day? Share with me in the space below. I would love to hear from you.

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