Smiling through the rain


One of the biggest worries or fears a bride has as she plans her big day and one of the biggest prayer requests that she has is one about the weather. With recent changing effects on our environment, what has become quite evident is the fact that we cannot at all times fully rely on the ”weatherman” to accurately predict the seasons and the rain patterns anymore. So while we may choose a particular month for a wedding fully knowing that it falls in a sunny season or avoid another one because it falls in a rainy season we cannot be fully assured that it will or will not rain on our wedding day.

As I have mentioned before in my introductory post Hello we got married in October 2015, the very same month that the El-Nino rains were predicted to begin. I mean we had been praying before about the weather but when we got this piece of information, our prayers (mostly mine) were scaled up a notch or two or three higher. Every time I opened my mouth to say a prayer, they always began and ended with God, please do not let it rain! I worried about this so often to the point where it had consumed my thoughts. This was all until I attended one of my good friends’ wedding. It was in the month of June and if ever there was a day it was going to rain, it turned out that on this particular day, it was really going to rain. From the time that her car pulled up, to the time she walked down the aisle it RAINED heavily (she had to walk down the aisle with an umbrella), and it continued to do so intermittently throughout the whole function (It was an outdoor wedding).

Being a bride to be as well at the time, I remembered thinking, this is certainly a nightmare! However, I noticed one amazing thing; my friend, never stopped smiling even once. She looked happy and content and was having the time of her life. In fact she never looked phased that her dress (and some of the bridesmaids’ dresses) were covered in mud, or that her husband’s shoes were also covered in mud, or that the area that had been allocated for guests was not so full because most people had stood slightly far away under a shade to shelter themselves from the rain. She stood there happily, danced energetically and enjoyed every moment of her day.

And so a little while after her wedding, as I was chatting with her trying to get some advice from her about her experience, I asked her, what was going through her mind on the day with regards to the rain, and her answer gave me comfort and changed my approach and outlook towards the weather. She said, ‘’it didn’t matter. I was just happy that the day had come and that I was finally getting married. The rain was not going to stop that’’. How true are those words?

So today, I want to share some encouragement. There are some things we can control with regards to the planning of our big day like the color of the flowers or our hairstyles, but there are some things we cannot control, such as the weather. It didn’t rain on my wedding day, however as I was walking down the aisle, there were some drizzles. On reaching my husband at the altar, as he took my hand, the first thing I whispered to him was, ‘’it’s drizzling’’ and he squeezed my hand to remind me,’’ it doesn’t matter, we have finally made it to this moment’’. With that I relaxed and focused on enjoying my day.

Thankfully it didn’t rain but the lesson had been learnt.The important thing is to remember that YOU are getting married and whether it rains, or it shines, the weather should not be the determinant factor of whether your day is a success or not. All that matters is that you get to walk down that aisle, say I do and start forever with each other.

Did it rain on your wedding day? Share your experience with me!

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Peace and blessings


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  1. Lo says: Reply

    Beautiful post. Such truth and wisdom in those words…’It doesn’t matter…’

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