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It is said that when you are planning a wedding, there are some certain elements of the wedding that you must never compromise on. They are video, photography, the rings and the honeymoon.

On the day after our wedding, shortly after we had arrived at our honeymoon destination,I recall trying so hard to remember the events of the day before. Now I am not sure what happens but for some reason you cannot seem to remember in totally the events of the day. I mean from the time you wake up that morning until after the wedding ends, it is one thing after the next. You are literally rushed through each and everything, and I think some part in your mind is just in awe or rather you feel that everything is so surreal that by the time you are trying to process one moment of the day, you are already on to the next one. So by the end of the day, you have little snippets in your head of what happened but I think, in my opinion the brain doesn’t get a chance to quite process everything and therefore you do not save and store all the memories or all the things that happen in the day.

So back to the morning after. I remember lying in bed that morning, and feeling so sad that I couldn’t seem to remember much about my wedding. In fact the more I tried to remember, the more I couldn’t seem to remember and I recall at some point asking myself, did I even enjoy the day? Only when I switched on my phone much later into the honeymoon, and I started getting pictures and videos sent in to us by friends and family did the memories start coming back and I started to feel at ease that I did indeed enjoy my wedding and I could start to smile at different moments that had happened on the day. Needless to say, I settled back and started to comfortably enjoy the honeymoon 🙂

So now, back to the key elements, namely videography.

A good friend of mine recently told me that she had gotten back her wedding video and it was terrible. She was so distraught and she was narrating to me how sad she was and how she could not even watch it until the end.Obviously I could understand why she would be upset but she said something that struck me and made me realize the gravity of the matter. She told me that the worst part was that she couldn’t remember the wedding so she was really looking forward to the video to help piece the memories together. That’s when it hit me. This is why she is really feeling so terrible about this. It is not because they had spent money that they were never going to get back(that also but that’s not the main case) , it is because as the bride and groom,on that particular day you cannot capture all the moments in your head and that is why you hire professionals to do that for you.

Now while you might try to save a shilling here or a shilling there as you plan your wedding(or whatever your reasons may be), my advice to you is to be certain that you are not compromising on the things that will ensure your memories are captured and saved for years and generations to come.Your videography, your photography, your honeymoon, your rings. Definitely price does not always guarantee quality but it is important that you do your homework on all those key elements, especially video and photography to ensure you are putting quality first. Not only do they save memories for you but they also help you re-live that day in your mind and in your hearts over and over again.

We used snapshot254 for our videography. You can see a link to his work on our wedding here

Who was your videographer? How was your experience? Share with me and let me know.

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Peace and blessings.

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  1. Edith says: Reply

    Another great piece! I haven’t had my wedding yet so I cant quite share retrospectively but I will share the experience I have had so far. When fiance and I started planning the wedding we found that whenever we would source for quotes, service providers and friends would ask what our budget was- for example “what is your budget for photography and videography?” I remember getting very frustrated because I kept wondering how we were possibly meant to figure out how much out of our total budget to allocate for a specific service. I realise now that it is because we had not prioritized that which we felt was most important for us. After being in the planning game for sometime (not that long really by most standards :-)), I have heard time and again that the most important things in your wedding are photography and videography, your rings and your honeymoon. And it makes so much sense!!! For instance, judging from our traditional engagement ceremony, we are likely not to eat much with all that’s going on. I actually couldn’t remember much from the day until I saw pictures and I have kept kicking myself for not getting a professional photographer for the function. I realise that on that day I really prioritized food, yet while food should be in good quantity and of acceptable quality, it need not be 5-star. Same goes to other things like transport, decor, sound etc- they are important yes, but they will pass with that day. On day 1 of your marriage, all you will have are the things that will help you hold on to the memories-rings, photos, honeymoon.

    1. Laura says: Reply

      Edith, there is really nothing more I can add. Thank you for shedding more light on this topic.People say it often but after all is said and done and you realize that you don’t have much in terms of memories, then is when it becomes real just how important they are.
      It definitely seems you are on the right path with the decisions you have made thus far. As you said definitely food is important but prioritizing things is always the best place to start.
      Thanks again for your insight. This will go a long way in encouraging another couple!…

  2. Nelly says: Reply

    Spot on Laura!

    1. Laura says: Reply

      Thanks Nelly!

  3. sarah ngetha says: Reply

    you are doing an amazing job! well in Lau

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